Welcome Letter

It is our great honour to welcome you to the 2020 IET Ph.D Candidates Academic Seminar (China) on Vacuum Electronics (PhASe-VE). IET Ph.D Candidates Academic Seminar (China) on Vacuum Electronics (PhASe-VE) is initiated by Chinese scientists in the fields of vacuum electronics, with the aim to enhance the academic exchange among the Ph.D candidates, to boost the cooperation between IET and the Chinese Vacuum Electronics Community, to improve the academic level and English communication skills, to promote broader international academic exchanges, and to attract more young students to join this field which is the fundamental of many subjects and has many scientific and industrial applications in radar, communication, fusion energy, signal detection, medical treatment, etc. After previous seminars organized by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2017-2018 and Beihang University in 2019, this PhASe-VE will be held by National University of Defense Technology in Changsha in November 2020.


The seminar covers four topics:

      · Vacuum Electronic Device
      · Vacuum Electronic Technology
      · Electron Emission Source
      · Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Device

We are pleased that you have accepted the invitation to join us in Changsha, which is popular among young people and rich in cultural and natural tourist resources. We look forward to the engaging discussions, exchanges of ideas, and fruitful outcomes of PhASe-VE 2020.

Key Dates

– Deadline for paper submission: 

   8 Nov. 2020

– Notification of acceptance: 

   15 Nov. 2020

– Registration: 27 Nov. 2020

Organzing Committee

Contact us

Song LI     (Tel: 18373139858) 
Lei WANG (Tel: 15200890142) 
Email: IET2020@163.com